For this edition of the Forgotten Dog Project, we brought 3 doggies that have all been with us for quite some time.  Abby isn't really a fact, we aren't sure she has any Dobie in her at all.  We love her dearly though and even though she has a dominant streak with other dogs, she is wonderful with people and so much fun to be around.  Her best buddy and kennel mate is Taz so we brought him along too.  Taz can be shy and reserved when faced with strange and stressful situations but he absolutely loved his time out with us.  He enjoyed the hiking, all the affection and even did well with snow.  Our third dog was Smokey (aka Biggie) who is still waiting for the right home to come along.  He doesn't give his heart away easily but you can see the relationship he has with our volunteer, Jennifer, and the trust he has in her.  He got a little confused by the camera but he loved his day of freedom and fun.
Abby, Taz & Smokey
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