Action is a new guy from an upstate animal shelter, where he was impounded with a female Dobie about his age, possibly a sibling. He's 1-2 years old, tall, and quite a happy, likeable dog. Unfortunately, when his animal shelter tested his behavior with a small dog while he was on leash, he became overstimulated and nipped the handler. For that reason, he became "rescue only," and everyone at the shelter was delighted that we rescued him and gave him a chance at a great home despite his reactivity toward the small dog. We think an adult home would be best for this tall, athletic fellow. He is kenneled with a large female dog and also spent time around other large dogs during our picture-taking session, and he displayed no aggression. It may be that Action is a prey-driven dog who views small animals as prey, so no cats or small dogs for him.  
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