Doberman Pinscher

​This is a courtesy post for Ano, a dog in the San Diego area who is looking for a new home.  Please contact with any questions or to arrange a meeting.

"I am reaching out because I have a Doberman that I cannot take care of anymore. This is hard for me, I have had Ano for six months. I work at a dog daycare and training facility here in San Diego and Ano's family came to us seeking help for his behavior. After he did a two week stay and train with us, we returned him back with his family. Unfortunately a few weeks later, his family contacted us and said that Ano had gone back to his previous behaviors and that they could no longer manage him. I fell in love with him when he stayed with us, and when I heard they were going to send him to a shelter, I spoke up and took him. It has been six months of ups and downs, but he has gotten so much better with me. The reason I can no longer keep him is due to a couple of altercations with a dog I've had for three years. They loved each other until something happened while I wasn't home, and now Obi, my other dog, is scared of him. Avoids him at all costs. I am also moving across the country in two months and feel that a move that far would not be beneficial to Ano.

Ano goes to work with me every day and plays in the dog yard all day while I work. I also train for half marathons and he does a huge amount of my training with me. I run him between 20-30 miles per week. This amount of exercise has done wonders for his behavior. He is such a good boy, he just needs a more stable environment and although he gets along with other animals, I think he would benefit more from a home with no other animals."
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