Anubis is a new arrival from an animal shelter where he was left by his owner due to circumstances that left us in disbelief. He had a previous minor bite to a grandchild, and even though there were 11 rowdy children in the environment, that wasn't the reason he was left. The family put their new kitten outside in front of Anubis, and he "went after the kitten," though no contact was made. The owner then abandoned the dog at the shelter but said the incident was not the dog's fault; he was clearly overwhelmed and she was as well. After arriving at the shelter, he spent a little over two weeks there visibly trembling and miserable. Anubis is clearly a dog that needs a calm and loving environment without the stress of younger kids and rowdiness. We love this 8-year-old Dobie boy, having just received him June 9, 2021; he is already a favorite. The sadness that emanates from Anubis is breaking our hearts. He's agile and in good shape for his age, 87 pounds of handsome Dobie who leaped right into our vehicle and settled in a crate we brought to the airport for his trip to the rescue ranch. The pilots said he was quiet and perfectly well-behaved for the 2 1/2-hour flight. We hope to make him happier than he was at the animal shelter while he waits for his forever home.
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