Apollo is a very handsome Dobie who was rescued from a local animal shelter in July, 2020. He had been surrendered to the shelter by a woman who had been his owner for about two years and he had successfully lived with two small dogs. He was partially housetrained and was learning obedience skills. From what we can deduce, Apollo is a very dominant dog, because when he was being petted and the owner stopped paying attention to him, he would lunge and snap to demand more. Though he never broke skin, he probably would have had the woman not been wearing long sleeves. She had not owned an alpha breed before and felt she wasn't the right owner for Apollo. His next owner had him for nine days, and this time he did bite the husband. They felt this bite was not provoked and was entirely unpredicted. They also said he is not good with other dogs, and we have also found him to not be good with other dogs. The second owner said he is housebroken and not destructive. We aren't sure exactly what type of home environment will be most appropriate for Apollo, who is charming upon meeting people, and he's only about 4 years old, so we do hope there is an appropriate home for him. It will certainly have to be an adult home with an experienced owner unafraid to work through his behavioral challenges.
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