Arby is a brand-new rescue from a local animal shelter on May 18, 2021. He's quite gorgeous, and quite a handful! We're happy to say that he seems relatively dog-social, but naturally that's a two-way street and the dog being met needs to be social too. Arby presents playfully, so he would likely do best with another dog that likes to play, and a female is usually a safer bet. He can be reactive on leash towards other dogs and territorial thru the fence so a solid fence would be ideal.  We're not recommending him for families with kids under teenage because of his size, strength, exuberant behavior and the fact that he tried to bite a 7-year-old boy in a home that he had been adopted to from the shelter. An experienced owner is probably best for Arby; he's 3 years old and weighs 84 pounds.  Arby did get adopted briefly and the owners raved about how wonderful he was with them in the home (both adults).  However, they took him to the vet and an incident occurred when the vet was doing his exam.  The owners were not allowed to be present in the room so Arby was with two strangers and became very defensive.  The vet could not complete the exam because Arby was so upset.  Clearly, Arby can be good with some people but he isn't going to be accepting of everyone, especially if his boundaries are crossed and in new situations.  He needs experienced handling and someone that will advocate for him as well as use a comfort muzzle in unfamiliar situations.
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