Athena is a very special girl who recently came to us from an animal shelter. We had a passionate plea in our inbox from the shelter manager who wanted this sweet girl to have the second chance she deserved. Apparently, Athena had been adopted and suffered an injury that needed medical treatment the owners weren’t providing. When they returned her to the shelter Athena’s physical wounds healed but she carried around some emotional baggage from the incident. We aren’t actually sure she has any Dobie in her breed mix but after sitting with her for only a few minutes, we knew we had to help her anyway. She is only 8-9 months old, a beautiful mixed breed and incredibly sweet. Lots of commotion and constant action wouldn’t be ideal for her shy demeanor but a quiet, steady home would be perfect. She is very loving and affectionate with people she knows, loves walks and is pretty well behaved in the house (although the puppy in her may steal a shoe or a sock). She has a hygroma on one of her elbows which is just some swelling from lying on hard ground so she will need a bed of her own to rest on. Athena has been good with other dogs but she can be insecure so slow introductions are best. She is a wonderful dog and a wonderful companion with a bright future ahead of her.
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