These two beauties are a bonded pair we just got back after their owners lost their lives to covid. Thankfully, friends and family were able to take care of them temporarily but no one could commit to them long term. Beckham (fawn male) is about 7 years old now and Pi (black/tan female) is between 3-5 years old. They have been living around horses and have been good with other dogs. They got along well with a friend’s child too but during Pi’s time with us previously, it was believed she wasn’t good with kids under 10. They were house dogs and housebroken with a doggie door. They are quite bonded with each other and Beckham never let’s Pi out of his sight. Our hearts break for them since they seem a bit lost after losing their family and home so suddenly. We would live to find them a home that can welcome them both and give them time to adjust.
Beckham & Pi
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