Dobie party at the beach!  We took out the biggest group to date and headed out to Ventura, CA with our dedicated volunteers.  Bella hasn't actually been with us quite as long as the others but she has wobbler's so we didn't know just how long she would be mobile enough to enjoy this much activity.  She hung in there all day with the boys and kept up pretty well, only needing a nap or two along the way to recharge.  Jesse (now adopted!) was with us for years and we never really understood why.  Handsome, sweet, and pretty dog social...what more could anyone want?  Scout (also recently adopted) was with us for years because of his dog aggression.  In fact, we were a little nervous to bring him out with the group but our volunteers are pretty awesome and gave him the space he needed to feel comfortable.  Scout showed us that old men can still have a whole lot of fun!  Marlon has also spent years with us and despite having failed in two homes, he remains a massive volunteer favorite.  He had a blast at the beach and we are just waiting for that perfect home environment where he can truly thrive.
Bella, Jesse, Scout & Marlon
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