This is a courtesy post for a 3-4 year old Doberman in Las Vegas that is looking for a new home.  Please contact the owners at 707-971-0302 for more information.

"With great regret we must say goodbye to our best friend and someone whom we consider to be apart of our family. Bentley is one of the greatest dogs anyone could ask for. He is loving, smart, a little goofy and so compassionate. He is loyal, and he will always ask to be loved. He loves to get out and adventure, he knows a little bit of how to play catch and he will snuggle his big nose up to you as much as he possibly can just to show you he loves you, he also leans his body on you. The reason we sadly have to say goodbye is due to his aggression towards our other dog. He often gets jealous, growls and sometimes attacks our female doberman. He would never and has never shown aggression towards any humans or children and is always very friendly and receptive to pets and pats from strangers. He will be the perfect dog as the only one in the household with an owner that can offer attention and provide activities for him as he loves to be active."
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