Beretta needs a very special and responsible home.  He came to us with a rough history and having spent most of his life as a guard dog, he has a hard time trusting strangers.  We aren't sure if men are tougher for him to accept than women but the only 2 people he has felt comfortable with so far are women.  It is all based in fear but fear is a powerful motivator and not always easily helped.  Patience has been key with Beretta and his foster mom was able to win him over in only a couple of days.  We were finally able to see him be affectionate, silly, playful and behave like a normal dog.  He is doing well in a more secluded environment, without new people around and with some other dogs he has bonded to.  We are looking for the perfect home for Beretta that has similar circumstances.  He will be a devoted dog to his person but he needs a strong leader that will not just work with him behaviorally but will also advocate for him and not put him in situations he is uncomfortable in.  His guard dog days are over...he deserves better than that and we want to make sure life only gets better for this special boy.  Beretta is not a candidate for a home with any children.
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