Birch is a new rescue dog (August, 2019) from an animal shelter where he had been unadopted for two months! The shelter's comments about him are all pretty good. "Moderate energy level; active, playful, social butterfly, he sits, shakes hands, will fetch, run, tug of war, walk on leash, and finally, a great paragraph: Birch is a handsome, sweet dog who has so much fun with toys. Not only will he chase after toys we throw him, but he likes to decide which toys he wants to play with himself by reaching into the toy bin in the yard and picking out his favorites. It's great fun to watch. As he runs after a toy or just runs around the yard for pleasure, he's graceful and stately. Birch is confident and calm. He approaches for affection after he has had some playtime, then he's off to explore again." Birch is listed as a middle-aged dog weighing 77 pounds who does NOT enjoy being left alone, and his behavior with cats and kids is not known. He's good with the large female dog we have him kenneled with. 
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