​Bobby was found by a kind couple in November, 2020 running down a road in a heavy-traffic area. They worried he would be hit by a car, and though they knew they couldn't keep him, they did "due diligence" outreach to try to locate his owner. That was unsuccessful, so we took him in. He was estimated at about 2 - 2 1/2 years old at that time, and he currently weighs about 75 pounds. Unfortunately, though Bobby is great with people, he isn't fond of other dogs and will be strongly reactive to many of them when out on leash. We have not been able to kennel him with any other dogs here at the ranch, though his dog-social skills could be modified with appropriate training. If he needed to be someone's one-and-only and just hang out at home with the owner, it wouldn't bother him at all! 
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