Breaker is a new German Shepherd we rescued from a central valley animal shelter in mid-April, 2021. He's a youngster of about 14 months, and he's a tall, lanky, dog-social guy who likes people and loves to give hugs to prove it. Some of Breaker's traits need to be eliminated through training, like his tendency to jump on people, chew his leash, and act "mouthy." He's a very active dog who may have been used to running freely where he lived previously, since he's strongly motivated to go out and would need plenty of exercise. He'll definitely need to have a good-sized backyard. Unfortunately, Breaker has an old fracture in one front leg, and though it doesn't appear to affect him at all, we don't think long runs or hikes would be overly good for him either. We're also preferring an adult home or one with older kids because of his exuberant behavior and strength. 
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