Doberman Pinscher

Bronson is a magnificent dog with an unusual history.  For the first seven years of his life, he was a rental guard dog and he apparently had no socialization at all.  He did not even have a name, just a number, like Secret Agent Man, and when he arrived, he did not seem to know what it meant to be petted.  But some months of being showered with affection from our volunteers has transformed him into a friendly, affectionate dog who loves to snuggle up.  His physical presence remains imposing - he weighs over 100 pounds - but underneath he is a sweetie now.  He walks well on a leash and he is agreeable with other dogs, especially females.  He retains some tendency to guard his own people, but this is well under control - and you will never feel safer than walking with Bronson by your side.  He is a big favorite of our volunteers in West Los Angeles.  Just because of his sheer size and strength, Bronson should not be in a home with small children.  But for the right person, he could be the dog of a lifetime. 
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