Bruce came to us from his owners on November 7, 2020, at age 4. He was well-loved since they had adopted him at about 18 months of age, but recently he had begun occasionally behaving unpredictably with the adult male in the household. It isn't known what triggered this behavior, as he is in other respects a great dog, even living at the home with two other dogs including a little Maltese mix. Bruce is housebroken, crate-trained, knows obedience commands and isn't destructive.  He does have an overprotective attitude about his owner and home, and he can be a bit of a door-darter, so he'll need a little work on the "come"- when- called command. He's a big boy, solidly-built and about 80 pounds.  Bruce will need an experienced, adult home that can manage his anxious, nervous behavior that is manifesting in such negative behavior. 
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