Buckley is a new arrival (July, 2019) from an upstate shelter, where he had been impounded as a stray. He seems to be a gentle, shy dog, and he did not pass his temperament test at his shelter for that reason. They said he had to be coaxed into rooms and kennels that were unfamiliar to him, but he allowed all handling including being picked up, showed no signs of aggression or food-guarding, stood at the front of his kennel "with soft eyes and softly wagging tail." We have also found him to be calm and happy to greet us with his gently wagging (full) tail but he is also a great watchdog, alert when approached by people he doesn't know. We have peacefully paired Buckley with a large female and one day, the neighboring male dog decided he would rather live with Buckley than his designated kennel-mate so we found that Buckley could possibly live with the right male as well. 
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