In the latest installment of The Forgotten Dog Project, we took 3 of our long term residents to the Cold Springs Tavern hidden away in the hills about Santa Barbara. It was a beautiful day and these low key sweethearts enjoyed mostly lounging around the property and going for a little stroll down the road. Burt is a senior Rottie mix who has a hard time getting around because of arthritis and elbow dysplasia. He certainly had a blast though and charmed all of the ladies! Jenny was on sensory overload with all of the sights and smells of the area but she enjoyed taking our volunteer, Jennifer, for a walk…she’s strong for an old lady! Princessa may not look thrilled in her pictures but we think she had a good time too. She basically would love to spend the day snuggling so every time there was an empty lap, her head was there for some snuggles. There is a sadness to her that breaks our hearts and we hope that a forever home is in her future where she can get all the loving that she craves. (We’ve included a few pictures of some little beauties that danced around the area. They are apparently called Stella Jay’s and we were captivated by their blue feathers and mischievous nature.)
Burt, Jenny & Princessa
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