Cali is a new arrival from her owners. On the positive side, she's housebroken, good with other dogs, knows her obedience commands, and is young and pretty. Cali will need an experienced adult owner, however, as she is overly protective of her home and her owners, having even snapped at her owners when guarding her toys and claimed items. She hasn't learned obedience well and will need definite boundaries with a dedicated owner to keep her engaged so that she doesn't bark excessively, act possessively, and destroy things. We think Cali needs an active lifestyle where she can receive abundant exercise and stimulation from confident owners not intimidated by her refusal to do their bidding. We also strongly believe that Cali needs to live with a confident, large male dog who can not only assist in giving her leadership, but can also be an outlet for her energy. We also believe she needs to be in an adult home. 
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