Charlie is a new rescue boy from an upstate animal shelter, received on October 7, 2020. He was such a ball of energy that his shelter sent him to us with two types of medications intended to slightly sedate him. We have found him to be overly energetic only when he's anxious about his surroundings. Initially we thought Charlie might not be good with other dogs, as their presence seemed to overenergize him, but he seems to want to engage with them in a positive way. The animal shelter people found him to be compatible with a large playful female dog he was introduced to. Notes from Charlie's ex-owner indicated that he does not like cats though, and that may apply to any type of small critter. He was given up by his owner because of a minor bite he delivered to a child in the home around the time of the 4th of July fireworks, which they believe may have been the cause of his anxiety. He comes when called and seems to enjoy toys. We think he's a fun dog to be around!  
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