Doberman Mix

We were a bit blindsided by Charlie because he wasn't quite what we expected. We were asked to take in a slightly older female Dobie who was incredibly sweet. Well, Charlie isn't quite a Dobie and definitely isn't a female but apparently his "manhood" was hidden under some excess fat under his belly so the shelter got confused. He's a smaller, sturdy guy and we are guessing he might b mixed with Aussie or something similar. Charlie is probably little older than middle aged but he's still got plenty of pep in his step, especially now that we got him down to a healthier weight. He is a very loving little dude, great with people, loves car rides, has a little training and he's good with most other dogs as long as there isn't competition over food. We realize that Charlie won't appeal to the Dobie purists but he is way too sweet to not have a loving home again so please share his post and we will hold out hope that someone will fall in love. He can be at the rescue in Fillmore, ca any Saturday and we can also work out appointments during the week.
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