Chevy is the cutest girl! She was abandoned at a rural animal shelter because they just didn’t want her anymore. She’s 2 years old, spayed, knows a few commands and she’s dog social (though she needs slow introductions due to some insecurities). The owners claimed they got her from a “breeder” and she was a “purebred doberman”....ummm...nope. She has natural ears and a docked tail and she’s in the 65 pound range. She’s most likely mixed with shepherd but she’s 100% adorable. Chevy can be insecure, especially with strangers, so she needs patience, gentle handling and very slow introductions with new people. She has been well behaved during crate training, often staying there even with the door open. She doesn’t like being left alone outside so if you’re looking for an outdoor dog then this is not your girl. Her one bad habit is she likes to climb up for hugs which is endearing but also physically cumbersome and not everyone will enjoy being “climbed” by a big dog. Chevy is ready for a new home that will cherish her as she deserves.
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