Mandy was surrendered by her owner, mostly due to incompatibility with another dog living in the home. She will require quite a bit of supervision, so it may be best for her to be the only dog in any event. Mandy appears to be a combination of Doberman, black Lab, and Greyhound, as she's built like a Greyhound but with the coloring of a Lab, and she had a sibling that looked mostly Dobie. She's about 1 1/2 years old and is housebroken, is affectionate and loves to play. She can be stubborn about following commands, and she's destructive, needing a lot of stimulation and entertainment. Unfortunately, Mandy can also jump an 8-foot fence, so she would need to be kenneled in a very secure kennel when it is necessary to leave her home alone. A person or couple who work from home would probably be the most ideal home for Mandy, but again, with close supervision; she has been known to "counter surf" and could potentially even decide to depart over a fence even with people present at home. 
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