Clooney is a sweet, adult, blue male that came to us from an animal shelter.  He had an injured hip and needed FHO surgery to relieve the pain from bone hitting bone in his hip socket.  The injury was old so he had been in pain for a while and there was some atrophy in the muscle of his leg.  His surgery went well and he is starting to use his leg again but he still needs time to build back the muscle again.  It is hard to predict how an old injury will heal so he may have a slight limp and it may not get to 100% but he can easily handle normal, every day activity.  Clooney has been able to live with large, female dogs that are friendly and social but don't think living with a male dog is the best situation for him.  Clooney is a lover and he's also pretty quiet, not destructive and a good boy who deserves a really loving home. 
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