This is Coco, a white Dobie boy who was surrendered to the animal shelter. He was nipping when he got excited and wasn't compatible for a home with kids.  Since his arrival, we have gotten to know Coco more and he will need a very special home.  First of all, his eyes are more sensitive than most white Dobies and he is almost blind outside.  We know he isn't deaf but we aren't sure if he is partially deaf or just sometimes ignores people. Coco hasn't been able to share a kennel long-term with another dog and introductions don't always go smoothly so he will most likely need to be an only dog.  Coco has been great during introductions with people and has never nipped anyone while in our care but he is territorial so again, he will need proper introductions when he is on his own property and he should be in an adult home without children. We love Coco and he has been pretty well behaved for us but we want to make sure he finds the responsible, experienced home that he needs to truly thrive.  He is about 2 years old (as of 2020) so he has a long life ahead of him. 
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