Doberman Pinscher

Conejo has been with us over two years, partly because we don't think he can live with another dog. If another dog reacts negatively to him, he is ready to give it back. In other respects, he's darling. He's middle-aged now but still very puppyish behaviorally. Conejo is a ball- and toy-lover. He retrieves and plays, and he's very affectionate with humans, though we're unsure if he's met any kids in his time with us. Given his playful personality, he should be fine with at least older kids. Conejo is extra-special to us now because he just survived a miserable experience with bloat, requiring him to stay at an emergency hospital for two full days. Now that he's recovered from surgery and has had his stomach stitched in place so he can't suffer torsion again, he's ready to be adopted by someone ready for his brand of joyful interaction. 
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