Czar is a big, lovable 3-year-old Dobie boy who behaves more like a young colt than a dog! He is such a happy, energetic guy that he is immediately endearing. Czar's biggest negative is his lack of respect for physical barriers. On the way here from his animal shelter, he broke out of his crate, so he should never be transported in an open vehicle. He is also able to jump fences, though we don't know how high a fence would deter him. Prior to our rescuing him, he spent a month at a vet clinic recuperating from injuries he sustained after failing to vault over a fence, causing a large laceration to his stomach/abdominal area. For safety's sake, an 8' block wall would be recommended, as well as a tall gate. We kenneled Czar with two young large female dogs on his arrival, and they got along really, really well but he may have issues with dogs that show any aggression towards him.
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