It was a windy day but we just had to get the dogs out to enjoy the poppies while they were blooming. It was absolutely beautiful!! We couldn't actually go inside the poppy preserve but there were plenty to enjoy from the roads that went around it. On this outing we brought along our long-termers Leo, Kira and Dalton who loved getting out for the day and stretching their legs. Leo has been with us for quite a while because of behavioral issues with other dogs and some people. He isn't a bad dog but he will need the right environment so he can't get himself in to trouble. Kira and Dalton are kennelmates and got a little too "full-figured" so we wanted to get them out for a little exercise. Dalton's favorite part of the day was the super comfortable bed he got to nap on during the car ride and Kira couldn't get enough kisses from us throughout the day. Both of them are really sweet dogs but don't always show their true personalities with new people so we are hoping that maybe these will help show how sweet they both can be.
Dalton, Kira & Leo
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