Dante is an energetic youngster who came to us from an animal shelter.  He was originally surrendered by his family because they had to move to a place that didn't allow Dobermans.  He was adopted from the shelter but an incident occurred at a park where a child got nipped.  Though Dante was raised around children, his energy level is high and even more when out in public so he can get away from himself.  In our opinion, he isn't a people-aggressive dog but care will absolutely need to be taken when he is out public.  Dante isn't particularly large but he is extremely strong so training is a must so that he can be walked.  He does have some obedience training and he is mostly calm in his kennel with an adorable, charming personality.  Unfortunately, Dante is not good with other dogs so he will need to be your one and only without any access to other dogs.  He is approximately 2 years old. 
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