Doberman Pinscher

Have a heart...adopt an old fart!!
Meet the adorable, sweet and heartbreaking Dillon. This older gentleman lost his home when his owner suffered an injury that left them unable to care for the dogs. He was surrendered to the animal shelter along with a younger, female Dobie. She, of course, was adopted promptly but Dillon wasn’t so lucky and the shelter reached out for help. He’s reportedly about 7 or 8 years old, somewhat tall and actually quite handsome despite his heartbreaking expression. He is a sensitive guy and appreciates calm people, comfortable bedding and warm naps. He does have some arthritis and doesn’t always do well on really slick floors but he has handled the vinyl flooring in his temporary foster home quite well. Senior dogs are some of the hardest to place because people are afraid of the pending heartbreak when they pass but seniors are also some of the easiest keepers and sweetest companions you could ever ask for. Dillon is exactly that. He’s quiet, not destructive, very social with other dogs and people, and though we don’t want to guarantee it...we are pretty sure he is housebroken. All Dillon wants is a big, comfy bed and someone to love so we really hope he gets that opportunity soon. He is in a temporary foster home in Southern California but he can’t stay forever so if you want to meet him on a Saturday in Fillmore, ca during adoptions then please let us know. You can contact us at or 805-524-5102.
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