Dobbie (not named by us, of course) came to us from an animal shelter where he had been deemed "rescue only" because he failed a temperament test on his dog-to-dog interaction on leash. Unfortunately, that means we are bound by our contract with the shelter to not place him with children or other animals, despite the fact that his ex-owners said he's good with small kids and other dogs. What we're hoping for is a home where his new owner will not have small kids or other animals, but where Dobbie may have visits from the owner's grandchildren or neighbor children. We think it's sad that shelters are making our judgment calls for us on dogs' suitability for certain homes when they really don't know our breed! A majority of our dogs can be reactive to other dogs when on leash. Anyway, Dobbie is strong, so he'll need work on leash, and he's also been only an outside dog, so he'll need to learn house manners also. He's about 5 years old and he's a big boy; about 90 pounds. 
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