​Our second installment of The Forgotten Dog Project included 3 boys that have all been long time rescue favorites.  Don is completely blind and he isn't good with other dogs so even though he is an incredibly sweet boy, we have struggled to find him the right forever home.  JR is a wonderful, aging fella who has slowed way down because he is in the beginning stages of cardiomyopathy.  We don't know how much time he has left so we want to give him as many wonderful days as we can.  Duke is a mix that was adopted as a puppy and returned as a young adult because of landlord issues.  He didn't have very good social skills and he was a strange mix so he was constantly overlooked but we are committed to filling his senior years with lots of love!  These boys had an amazing time during their short hike in the hills of Ventura, getting lots of treats, and LOTS of love.
Don, Duke & J.R.
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