Duke is a senior boy who came to us from his owners in early September, 2020. His story is heartbreaking, typical of so many that rescuers know firsthand. Having been the happy pet of loving owners with all the comforts of home, Duke, age 10, had to lose his home due to the arrival of a new baby. Whether through jealousy or irritation, he couldn't accept the baby and was snapping at her, so we were his only chance at finding a new home. Introductions to a group of other dogs also didn't go well initially, as Duke must have felt overwhelmed. His ex-owners said that during time he spent with a trainer, he ran with a small group and behaved himself well. He has also done well with other similarly calm dogs in a temporary foster home.  Ideally, Duke should be in a calm home environment where he can be doted on once again, and where he can live out his senior years.
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