Echo definitely captured some hearts upon his arrival so we want to find this special boy the perfect home. He is blind and has a neurological condition which causes him to spin but he was born that way. Both conditions are congenital, permanent and require no medical treatment. That means that Echo is ready to begin his search for a new home! The good news is that our boy is incredibly sweet, loves people and loves other dogs. He acts like a giant puppy! He does have a bad habit of mouthing hands when he gets excited but he’s learning quickly. He’s also getting better on leash and has more confidence going for walks. The simple fact is that Echo is just a really great dog. However, he needs a very special home. First things first...he needs people who are patient and understanding. It sounds simple but it can be difficult. Many people adopt “special needs” dogs because they think they can fix them. Echo cannot be fixed...only loved. He will go for walks but he does spin (especially when he’s excited) so he will only go short distances and will not be a good candidate for long walks, runs or long hikes. He also really needs a home with an open floor plan without expensive things he can knock over because he will run into furniture. Echo is crate trained and it’s a great first step for housebreaking which he will need because he was an outdoor dog in his last home. Let us know if you are equipped and ready to give this special boy a loving home.
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