Jack Russell/Italian Greyhound Mix

This darling, leggy girl is Echo and we found her at an animal shelter where she was brought in as a stray.  She is only about 2 years old and weighs a little under 20 pounds.  She appears to be a little Jack Russell Terrier and a little Italian Greyhound or basenji but her exact breed make up is a mystery.  She bonds very tightly to her people and wherever they go, she isn't far behind.  She was a little growly with other dogs that invaded her personal space at first but she is now proving to love having other dogs around, even engaging in some play.  Echo has displayed her knack for climbing over baby gates and even squeezing thru some small areas when she is trying to follow "her person" so she will need a secure fence and a safe area indoors for when she is left alone, preferably with another dog.  Echo has proven to be great with little kids but she needs to be crated or appropriately confined when alone because she can be destructive, especially with food items and trash.
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