Eden is a sweet, 3-year-old female who came from an animal shelter where she was held as a stray. It is clear that she has been a mamma at least once in her life (probably many times) and several calluses point to her not having a lot of soft bedding to sleep on. She was in otherwise good shape and now that she's spayed, she is ready to find a new home. Eden isn't a hyper dog but she is active and would be a wonderful addition to a family that likes to go for walks, hikes and other active outings. She has lived peacefully with other dogs but she can also be bossy and reactive on leash so it will be up to her owners to give her appropriate boundaries around food and sleeping areas. A little training will go a long way with this lovely girl.  She is lovely with people though, outgoing and friendly with everyone she has met so far. 
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