Millie is a small, adult female who has a bit of a complicated past.  She was adopted but had behavioral issues over the year she was in the home.  The good news is that she is housebroken, has some training, and gets along with most other dogs (although she will bark at other dogs on the other side of the fence). The bad news is that she does have a bite history.  She isn't reliable with strangers and needs very firm boundaries with everyone in the household.  She is affectionate but she becomes overwhelmed easily, especially when anyone's face is too close.  She will need an adult home with absolutely no interactions with kids.  She also needs a quiet place to be if any visitors come over so she (and them) aren't placed in any uncomfortable situations.  Millie is not an evil dog and she has never been a danger to anyone during her time at the rescue but home life is different and we want to see her succeed.  It isn't just about finding A home for Millie, it is about finding the RIGHT home for her.  
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