Doberman Pinscher

​Frazier was truly a sad dog when we first rescued him from his animal shelter. He had so many scars on his face, head and body that we could only imagine what he had endured. Interestingly, he doesn't appear to hold a grudge against other dogs, so if another dog scarred him, he must have been extremely tolerant. Frazier moved very slowly and cautiously when he arrived, worry written all over his face. We were fortunate to have a very supportive foster home for him for the first few months out of his animal shelter, so Frazier learned how to be housebroken, walk on leash, and generally feel fairly secure with strangers. Though he's still initially very subdued with new people and situations, his foster mom says he's quite bouncy and playful when he knows and enjoys his human(s). We would say that he is, in general, a mellow guy though. He's a solidly-built older Dobie, perhaps 8-9 years, who will win the heart of his deserving forever owner.

Check out his youtube video here!!
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