This is a courtesy post for a female Dobie in southern California that is looking for a new home.  This is with a private party and not a dog affiliated with the rescue.  Please email for more information.

"Freya is a spayed female who will be 4 on October 7th. She is very sweet, loves attention, cuddling, playing, hiking, and the beach. She has lived on a ranch since she was a puppy and does very well with large livestock (horses, cows, and sheep). She ignores the chickens that are in a coop however if they were loose she would probably chase them. She does well with the medium sized dogs on our property (5 dogs) and if properly introduced new dogs as well. She does really love to play with other dogs one on one (two dogs is a crowd for her). My husband has not had issues with her when he takes her to the beach and she plays nicely with other dogs. I think part of this behavior is she is very protective over me and wants to show she is the dominant female to other dogs. As a puppy she would see another dog and take off running and peeing. Over the last few years this has gotten better but she does still get scared and gives a warning bark until she is ready to play. I have limited her interactions with other dogs since having my baby. Two years ago I did agility classes with her and she loved it! The classes very much helped her confidence with other dogs and I think given the opportunity she would excel in agility. She has always been very healthy and active. There are no underlying health conditions that I am aware of. She is UTD on shots, worming, and flea medication. 

We have a cat that she does fine with however, I would recommend a home without a cat. 
She needs to be in a home without children. She has always been nervous around kids and I have tried to be careful to not put her in situations to upset her. She has always been good with my daughter until the last few weeks. She has been getting more dominant and possessive over toys ect. We have been dealing with these issues with her and our old dog (18) and she did bite him pretty bad on the face so I would not recommend a home with a small dog. Freya does whine and I believe this is mostly due to a lack of attention as it has gotten worse since we had our daughter.  

I want her to live a comfortable and happy life and I think our current situation has been stressful for her. I will not send her to just anyone and if for some reason it does not work out I will take her back and find an appropriate home."  
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