Gambino is a tall, leggy youngster who came to us from an animal shelter.  He is about 2 years old (or perhaps a little less) as of April 2021 and he is full of energy.  Gambino is affectionate, silly, playful and loves those he knows.  When he is really happy and amped up he jumps (a bad habit we are working on breaking) and chatters his teeth together.  He just can't contain his excitement!  He can sometimes be concerned about strangers but he just needs a little patience and slow introductions to feel comfortable.  He has been good with other dogs but he is a big guy and we would ideally like to see him live with a large, playful female.  He is smart, knows a couple commands and he is crate trained.  Gambino came to us with an old, healed break in his front leg that doesn't slow him down one bit.  He also had a really bad upper respiratory infection that he has now completely recovered from and he is gaining weight beautifully.  Gambino would be ideal for an active home that can put his energy level to good use with healthy and consistent outlets.  We did briefly place Gambino in a home and he loved the kids but he had an incident where he nipped one of them while resource guarding a bone. The owners felt he was absolutely trainable but they were concerned that their children were just too young to understand boundaries. If Gambino is going to share a home with kids we think they should be 10 or older and additional training should be expected.
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