Gator is new in our program, but he has already won many hearts. We hope he won't be a difficult placement due to his appearance, but he'll require a special person that can overlook: (a) that he has a long tail; (b) that he has scars all over his body and an injury to the end of his nose; and (c) that he was probably a "bait" dog used for fighting, though he doesn't appear to have any resentment or ill will toward other dogs. He's a tall boy, about 4 years old, and he shares a kennel with a hyperreactive female dog that he pretty much avoids getting in the path of. Our impression, and that of the folks at our vet clinic where he was neutered, is that he's a gentle, compliant dog who willingly does whatever is asked of him, such as "loading up" in a travel crate for transport.  
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