Gator has been with us almost consistently since October, 2018. His age was estimated at 4 years then. He was finally adopted in April, 2020 for about 3 weeks, at which point he growled at the man of the house. The adopters were an adult couple, but they have visiting kids at times, and the woman was worried about the possibility that Gator might growl at them, or worse. It's fairly typical for our breed to show their true colors at about the 14-day period, and also important that whatever the dog is growling about does not "back off" the owner. Gator is strong-willed and was unwilling to submit, even to these experienced dog owners. That said, we expect Gator's next owner should be an experienced adult who understands alpha-dog behavior. He's a good dog in so many ways: housebroken, knows basic obedience, isn't destructive, and will likely bond well with an adult or couple in an all-adult household.  
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