General was rescued from our local animal shelter at their request on September 18, 2020. Though he was potentially adoptable at the shelter, they felt that he would be more easily placed in an appropriate Doberman-savvy home by our breed-specific rescue. It appeared from their dog-to-dog introduction notes and play group interaction that he probably would not be trustworthy with small dogs or other males. When introduced to a large female, he pursued her until she corrected him, and then he walked away. The shelter people found General to be very friendly and affiliative with people, and we have found him that way as well. He's a very active, stimulated and strong dog, so he's probably not a good candidate for a family with kids younger than teenage. The shelter gave General's age as 2 years old, but we think he's likely closer to 4, and he's solidly-built. General is reactive on leash so any potential adopters should be prepared to provide strong leadership and training for this active guy. Also, no kitties please.
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