Grizz is a new rescue dog, having been with us since early January, 2021. He was in need of rescue from an overpopulated animal shelter, and for the most part he has impressed us since his arrival here. He is about 3 years old, playful, loves water, knows some obedience commands, and early reports are that he's housebroken. His one serious negative is that he may aggressively defend himself against any challenges. If another dog challenges him, he'll likely be instantly and decisively defensive; if a person attempts to reclaim a toy or move his dog bed, he'll be instantly defensive as well. Grizz will need an adult owner that is experienced with these kinds of behaviors that may be typical of German Shepherds. It would be important to redirect Grizz's attention from his coveted item by slipping a lead over his head and removing him from the source of his defensiveness. We expect that he can learn to modify this behavior but may need professional training or an owner with previous experience with resource-guarding. He would reward that owner with his proud good looks and obedience.  
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