Labrador Mix

Have a heart, adopt an old fart! So this guy isn't actually a Doberman but he is just as deserving and totally lives up to his name...Happy!! It's hard to believe but Happy is nearly 10 years old. He is in excellent shape although we are trying to get him in for a dental to clean up his upper molars. Happy wasn't always dog social but he has given all that up and he is doing fantastic with dogs of all sizes and genders in his temporary foster home. Happy's tail is always wagging and he is a confident boy that wants to say hi to everyone. Happy needs and absolutely deserves to find a loving home and lots of comfort for the rest of his life. Anybody want to give an older guy a second chance? He is in Southern California and he can be at the rescue in Fillmore, ca any Saturday for adoptions. Let us know if you want to meet him!
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