Harley came to us recently (January, 2020) after being adopted from an animal shelter by a couple who hoped she would keep company with their elderly female Dobie. Unfortunately they found that Harley wasn't agreeable to the arrangement. She certainly doesn't enjoy meeting other dogs on leash and we don't think living with female dogs is a good idea, but she has been sharing her kennel peacefully with a large, male Dobie. With people, Harley is a darling; she loves attention and is patient and sweet. She is believed to be about 3 years old. The people that adopted her briefly from the shelter kept her outdoors, so it isn't known whether she is housebroken, but what we have observed first-hand is that she can either climb or vault over a 6' link fence, so she'll need a secure yard with a high fence or wall. Everyone who sees Harley asks about her, due to her beauty and innate charm.
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