Hendrix is a sensitive, adult Dobie boy that will require a very specific home.  He doesn't feel comfortable with new people and his discomfort isn't always obvious.  He takes time to develop trust and respect with anyone he comes across.  Unfortunately, that led to a serious bite previously and we really don't want to see that happen again.  He was doing well with his adopters until their adult daughter came to visit and meet the "new dog".  His signals weren't understood and when she went to hug him, he bit her.  It was a perfect storm of circumstances that we don't want to see repeated.  He needs a home without visitors or he will need a safe place to be when people come over so he isn't put in a compromising position.  For obvious reasons, he should not be around kids and we are recommending him for a home with one or two adults.  He is affectionate and very sweet once he fully trusts but that she be given time to develop.  Hendrix has lived with a large, female Dobie but not small dogs or male dogs please.
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