Doberman Pinscher

Truman (previously Henry) was given up by owners because he wasn't a good fit for their family. On the positive side, he's housebroken, good with most other dogs and kids, knows his commands, and is quite a beautiful 2-year-old blue Dobie with a healthy coat. On the negative side, he had a few touchy behaviors, such as not liking to be touched on his back legs and not enjoying being overstimulated. The ex-owner said that he would at times enjoy petting, and then suddenly have enough and growl. Our feeling is that Truman isn't a touchy-feely sort of dog, but he had been in that home only briefly and probably hadn't learned to trust everyone yet, as evidenced by his apparent liking of kids because they're less threatening. He will be happier by someone's side that he trusts and respects, and he'll do whatever is asked of him. 
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