Doberman Pinscher

​Hozy is a new addition to the rescue and in need of not just a loving home, but the RIGHT loving home.  Unfortunately, he made some mistakes after being adopted from an animal shelter so we want to make sure he finds the right person to help him overcome his past.  He has a very sweet face and loves his people like no other.  Hozy is affectionate, loves attention but he can also be borderline needy.  The problem is that Hozy also has very little training and doesn't always understand that he can't do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.  He needs an owner that can put in some work so he can learn rules and boundaries.  His mistake is that he got territorial after briefly settling in to a new home when strangers came thru the door and he wasn't introduced properly.  He does greet strangers sweetly when out on leash but it may be more difficult for him to accept an invasion in his own home so precautions should be taken so that he feels more comfortable and guests are safe.  Hozy has been good with most other dogs he has met but the occasional dog he has issues with.  He would be best with a larger female dog that he can be friends with and doesn't create too much competition.  We also much recommend that Hozy not be adopted into a home with children.  He is a handsome adult boy with eyes that will melt your heartand we don't consider him evil but we want to set him up in the perfect home so he never has to relocate ever again.
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