Hugo is a beefy boy that came to us recently from an animal shelter.  He had some behavioral problems early on at the shelter so they requested help from rescue to find him a new home.  Most of the behavioral notes read to us like a frightened dog who was feeling defensive and needed time to decompress.  A volunteer drove him all the way down the state to bring him to us and she had nothing but nice things to say about his behavior during their road trip.  We slowly introduced ourselves to Hugo when he arrived and we have seen nothing but gentle sweetness from him.  We think he would be best in an experienced home with no children that can patiently allow him time to adjust, trust and bond to someone new.  He's medium energy and so far, he's been fairly quiet.  Hugo shared his space with a large female for a while but the peace didn't last and resource guarding became an issue.  We aren't sure if he can share a home with another dog but it will clearly depend on the owners and the boundaries they are able to set. His age was unclear from his paperwork but we think he is probably around 4 years old.
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