This little cutie is Junebug and she has come a very long way but she still requires a very special home.  She appeals to many people because she's quite small, often confused for a puppy.  She is 1-2 years old and landed in the animal shelter in very rough shape.  She had horrible mange and she was so terrified of people that she couldn't be handled.  She would lash out, trying to bite and often peeing herself.  We have spent many months working with Junebug to help her medically and behaviorally.  She can now walk on a leash and she will allow as well as give back affection.  However, Junebug still panics, especially if approached by anyone other than her handler.  She tries to get away and she still has a tendency to be mouthy.  It is difficult to describe because she doesn't seem to be "biting" with intent to harm but she will put her mouth on your skin when she's scared.  She has never hurt anyone that has worked with her but she will need an experienced, patient and dedicated owner to continue working with her and will definitely benefit from someone willing to hire a trainer to help the transition.  Junebug has been good with other dogs but can be vocal when she plays.
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