Get ready to fall in love...this handsome gent is Juniper! This boy could not be more darling and we fall in love with his silly demeanor more and more every day. He’s about 7 1/2 years old now and though he’s not able to do strenuous exercise, he romps around the house and yard just fine. Juniper does struggle with stairs a bit and even though he may improve with some supportive care, he probably should be in a home with minimal stair climbing or none at all. Although he came in with unknown behavior with other dogs we have found that he is actually quite dog social. We’ve only briefly introduced him to small dogs but he has lived peacefully with other Dobermans of both genders with no problem. Juniper has always been sweet but he gets more affectionate towards his people every day. The one thing that he will need a little help with is housebreaking. His behavior suggests that he probably was an outdoor dog but we’ve been gently showing him that those days are behind him and he is really enjoying life indoors. He deserves a family without small kids that can work with him a little bit more and stay patient with him. Juniper has done well with crate training though so he can continue with that while he gets to know his new surroundings. 
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