We rescued Kenzo from an animal shelter seeking rescue for him due to "skin issues" on May 20, 2021. As is often the case, the shelter folks didn't realize that blue Dobermans don't have perfect coats but his coat is full and beautiful so we aren't sure why there was any concern. Kenzo was unwanted by his family but we find him to be quite delightful. He is a naturally submissive and sweet dog but his young age means there are times when he gets overstimulated or tests his boundaries so he will need additional training.  He is mostly dog social but is best with large, female dogs that are of similar energy.  Small dogs probably aren't the best match and neither are cats.  He seems to like children but sometimes jumps on people so again, additional training should be done.  Kenzo did have a suspected partial tear of a ligament in his back leg that we caught early so cage rest has helped him recover.  He should still have limited exercise for another month (no runs, long hikes or anything rigorous) but easy walks should be just fine.
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